Project Management


Murray Project Management can provide advice and assistance to Clients in relation to : 

  • Programming
  • Design Team Procurement
  • Project Procurement
  • Monitoring of Key Milestones 
  • Guidance of the Project

This service would identify development periods and key dates along with recommending the timing for appointment of any designers to meet the Client’s objectives. The Project Management role would also implement a control procedure on the project team to create a structured approach to the project including :

  • Chairing and minuting regular Design Team and Progress Meetings
  • Ensuring action points are met timeously
  • Monitoring resource levels
  • Advising on any specialist requirements.

Murray Project Management have a wealth of previous project experience in this field which can be brought to the table for the benefit of the project.

Tender Preparation


Working with designers and design teams to interpret drawn information and produce documentation which will allow competitive tenders to be obtained and compared on a ‘like for like’ basis. Tender documents can take the form of a simplistic Description of Works or Schedule of Rates through to fully detailed Bills of Quantities.

Each Client will have a varying set of requirements and these would be discussed thoroughly to identify and agree the appropriate tendering route for the specific project.

Cost Consultancy


Cost advice and control measures employed by Murray Project Management include:

  • Preliminary Budget Estimates
  • Detailed Estimates
  • Tender Price Interrogation
  • Cost Management
  • Assessment of Variations
  • Negotiation of Variations and Final Accounts

All of the foregoing would be used to assist Clients in setting an initial budget and capping the identified level of spend through to completion. Should the project require changes in scope or specification during the contract phase, Murray Project Management would ensure any cost increases or savings are applied at the correct level.

Contract Administration


Murray Project Management would act as Contract Administrator to ensure that both parties to the contract are aware of their obligations and duties under the Contract in force. In practice, Contract Administration would include the following duties:

  • Collate, draft and issue Contract Documents
  • Compilation and issue of Interim Certificates
  • Compile and issue Certificate of Practical Completion or Non-Completion
  • Compile and issue schedules of defects or incomplete works and monitor their completion

Tenant and Landlord Dilapidations


On Behalf of the Landlord:

Murray Project Management would assess the condition of rented property at lease termination or during the lease to identify any areas of repair or maintenance which are required to bring the property back to the condition stipulated by the lease The Schedule of Dilapidations which is generated can be budget assessed and a total cost of the works arrived at to form the basis of a financial settlement in lieu of the Tenant carrying out works.

On Behalf of a Tenant:

Assisting in the interpretation of the Lease and any served Schedule of Dilapidations to identify any areas of excessive content or cost with a view to reducing both to the level dictated by the Lease.

On Behalf of Both Tenant and Landlord:

Carry out assessment of likely dilapidations to estimate the possible scope and costs which may be identified by a Schedule of Dilapidations at the lease termination. This exercise could be carried out within the last three years of a lease.

Insurance Repairs And Reinstatement


  • Identify damage and negotiate scope of repair works with the Loss Adjustor.
  • Recommend appointment of appropriate designers where required.
  • Produce and issue tender documentation and report on the tender returns with recommendation for appointment.
  • Oversee the repair process to ensure all works are carried out and any unforeseen issues are properly resolved.
  • Value and certify interim and final payments.
  • Assess and certify completion including advising of any defective or outstanding items.